Pre-Retirement Checklist

18 Months Prior to Retirement

__ Attend Pre-retirement workshop

__ Attend Public Service Superannuation Pension Plan information session

__ Access the Pre-Retirement Consultation and/or the Financial Consultation through the University’s EFAP program

__ Utilize the Canadian Retirement Income Calculator

__ Utilize the Public Service Superannuation Plan (PSSP) My Retirement website

__ Review the rules around your post-retirement benefit coverage 

6 Months Prior to Retirement

__ Apply for Canada Pension Plan (60 years of age +)

__ Apply for Old Age Security Benefits (65 years of age +)

__ Check eligibility for Guaranteed Income Supplement Program

__ Are you aware of the NS Seniors Pharmacare Benefits?

__ Have you utilized the balance in your Health Spending Account?

2 Months Prior to Retirement

To ensure your 1st pension benefit is paid on time:

__ Officially advise your department/faculty of your intention to retire

__ Provide the following information/forms to Acadia Human Resources Department:

  1. Spouse’s Social Insurance Number
  2. Date of Marriage (photocopy of marriage)
  3. Birth Certificates for employee and spouse (photocopies)
  4. Names and birthdates of children under twenty-five years of age
  5. Full mailing address, including postal code
  6. TD1NS – Nova Scotia Personal Tax Credit Return
  7. TD1 – Federal Personal Tax Credit Return
  8. PSSP Direct Deposit Form

__ Consult with Acadia Human Resources Department regarding Retirement Incentives (if applicable)

__ Contact HR regarding continuation of health benefits

__ Watch for the invitation to the University’s General Assembly