Job Evaluation

Human Resources encourages employees to update their job descriptions on an annual basis, generally at the time of the annual performance review.  If significant changes have occurred either over a period of time, or all at once, the decision may be made to have the position reviewed and potentially reclassified.  It is not recommended that you delay updating the job description until significant changes can be recorded in the hope that it will have more of an impact when the position comes forward for reclassification.  The Committees will look at all the changes that have happened since the position was last reviewed, even if a significant amount of time has passed.

The classification systems for employees in AUPAT and SEIU are focused on job content only, as described in the AUPAT Job Fact Sheet or SEIU Job Description.  The evaluation process is therefore not to be used as a vehicle to reward performance, commitment, or long service of an employee.  Volume of work is also not part of the job evaluation process – it is considered a staffing issue.  The Committees will also not consider potential changes in responsibility.  The job descriptions which are submitted for review must accurately reflect current requirements of the position.

When a job description is updated and signed by the supervisor and the incumbent, it becomes the official document on record, and remains as such whether or not there is an application made for a reclassification, or if the application is made but is unsuccessful. 

Should you have any questions about the evaluation process for either AUPAT or SEIU positions, please contact Kerry Deveau, Committee Chair.