SEIU Local 2 Job Evaluation

The structure and role of the SEIU Job Evaluation Committee is defined by Article 33 of the Collective Agreement.

The committee will only consider applications for classification if the position is new, or if the job duties and responsibilities being performed have changed sufficiently enough to warrant a review; it will not consider potential changes in responsibility.

The Chair of the SEIU Job Evaluation Committee will call a meeting where both the incumbent and their supervisor will be invited to attend to provide a brief statement as to how the job has changed, and to respond to questions from the committee to assist them in better understanding the responsibilities and function of the position.  These meetings typically take an hour.

Following the meeting with the incumbent/supervisor, the Committee will deliberate and will compare the factors of the class specifications (listed to the right) to the job description presented.  A decision will be rendered by the end of the meeting and communicated immediately following to the supervisor and incumbent.

For further information or clarification about the evaluation process, please contact the Chair of the SEIU Job Evaluation Committee, Kerry Deveau.