Checklist for Hiring Administrative Support Staff

(AUPAT/SEIU/Limited Term Contract Employees)
Step 1: Approval Process

Replacing an employee who resigns or retires: If an employee resigns, you must accept their resignation in writing, forwarding their original letter of resignation along with a copy of your letter to them, to the HR Manager. If the employee provides notice they plan to retire, please ensure their letter is forwarded immediately to the HR Manager. [See End of Employment Policy for additional information]

The HR Manager will provide you with a copy of the most recent job description which you will need to review and update as necessary. If there are significant changes, or if it has been a number of years since the position was last reviewed, it will be sent to the applicable Job Evaluation Committee to assign an accurate classification level.

Filling a new positionThe first step in filling a new position is to create a job description which must be created and evaluated by the applicable Job Evaluation Committee to assign an accurate classification level. Please contact the HR Manager who will send you the appropriate template to get you started.

Approval ProcessApproval to staff a position is provided by completing the following form:

If this is to replace an existing ongoing position, only the Department or Budget Unit Head, Dean (if applicable), and the Executive Committee Member are required to sign at the bottom of the first section to initiate the recruitment process [see Advertising Procedures].

If there are any changes to the position, e.g., change to the classification level or hours of work, etc., additional approval by the Associate VP Finance & Treasure and the VP Finance & Administration and CFO must also be provided on the form.

The second half of this form is completed once the successful applicant has been identified. Human Resources will provided guidance throughout the recruitment process. Please contact the HR Manager at 585-1253 at any time for assistance.

Step 2: Forms to Complete

Once an offer of employment has been accepted, the following forms must be completed and submitted as directed on the form, in advance of the start date to ensure the employee has the required access.

Step 3: New Staff Orientation Session

New employees will begin their first day of work in the Human Resources Department where they will meet with HR personnel regarding their employment, benefits, and payroll. They will then be escorted to receive their photo ID, office keys, parking pass, and computer network account.

Step 4: Probationary Period - Manager's Guide

All new staff at Acadia University have a probationary period, normally ranging from 3 to 12 months. The probationary period is an opportunity for managers to assess if the employee has the skills, abilities, and personal characteristics to succeed in the position, and to help new employees achieve that success. Please click here to view the "Probationary Period - Manager's Guide" which contains suggested guidelines that managers may wish to utilize in supervising probationary employees.