Checklist for Hiring New Faculty

Please remember to complete the following steps for hiring a new faculty member:

Step 1: For faculty hiring documentation contact your Dean's Office.

Step 2: Completion of the following forms (where applicable):

Step 3:  Faculty Course Assignments

Send faculty course assignments to the Registrar's Office. This is required to authorize the faculty member for ACME and Library System Access.

Step 4:  Laptop

If the use of an Acadia laptop is required for the new FT or PT faculty member, the laptop pick-up time will be arranged by the HR office. Laptop pick-ups are typically scheduled during an orientation session. 

Step 5:  New Faculty Orientation Session

Once HR has received notification from the President's Office of the new faculty member's signed contract, the New Faculty Orientation Coordinator will contact the new faculty member via email to setup an orientation session. Once the session date and time has been confirmed, the department head and administrative assistant will be notified via email, so they can make arrangements to meet with the new faculty member after the session.

The orientation session will begin in the Human Resources Department, where they will meet with HR personnel regarding their employment, benefits (if applicable) and payroll. They will then be escorted to Safety & Security to receive their photo ID, office and building keys/access, and parking pass. They will then go to Technology Services where they will gain access to their network account, laptop (if required), and technology training, which includes training in ACORN. After the orientation session, the new faculty member will visit their department. They will meet with their department head and administrative assistant, who will familiarize them with the department, classroom, and office space. This would also allow time for introductions to other department members and help answer any questions they may have.  Providing new employees with a practical and welcoming orientation is important and will aid in a smooth transition to their employment at Acadia.