4-Day Work Week Pilot

After considering all the feedback from campus-wide consultations, including the employee engagement work conducted by the re-constitutionalized People and Culture Working Group (PCWG), Acadia University is pleased to launch the 4-Day Work Week (4DWW) 2024 Summer Pilot.

 This pilot is a new approach to facilitating greater work-life balance. During this time, the shorter workweek during the summer will be assessed in terms of its impact on both employee experiences and operations at Acadia.

About this pilot:

  • The pilot will take place between June 1 and August 16, 2024.
  • The 4DWW 2024 Summer Pilot is nota compressed work schedule but rather reduced hours. For a full-time staff member working a standard 35 hours per week, the 4DWW would involve working 28 hours over a 4-day week with a day off during the work week.
  • This pilot will not impact employee benefits or compensation.
  • Eligibilityfor this pilot will be based on important factors, including suitability related to a department and individual responsibilities.
  • We are encouraging supervisors to consider different optionsto make this pilot as feasible and equitable as possible, including rotational schedules that allow necessary offices to remain open and provide essential coverage.

What should you do next?

  1. Read the full policy from Human Resources.It contains additional important details as well as guidance in how this pilot could be implemented.
  2. Speak with your supervisor.Determine a clear path for implementing the pilot while ensuring job expectations are understood and achievable during this time.
  3. Create documentation.Once you and your supervisor have agreed on how you will implement the 4DWW pilot, consider putting that plan in writing so that everyone’s clear going forward. Reference and modify the understanding accordingly.
  4. Keep communication open.Some flexibility and adjustments may need to be made along the way within your department. We encourage you to provide ongoing feedback and input to make this work.

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