New from your EFAP - Online Group Counselling

Our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) from Shepell now offers Online Group Counselling. If you or a family member is seeking support for anxiety, this program could be right for you.

Online group counselling is a form of therapy where multiple participants discuss their similar issue(s) with a counsellor in a private and secure online setting. Group interactions allow participants to build relationships, receive feedback on how to meet goals and overcome challenges and gain encouragement from others.

Effective Mental Health Support

Research shows that group counselling creates a positive environment for learning, sharing and behaviour change. Online Group Counselling allows you to access to immediate help from a counsellor, and sharing and support from like-participants. 

Structure of the Online Group Counselling Program

  • Four one hour sessions
  • Eight to ten participants (from different employer organizations) per group
  • Secure interactive website that is accessible via on all digital platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Real-time interaction with a counsellor and other group members
  • Group work that includes in-session online activities, homework and self-guided learning modules 

Online Group Counselling for Anxiety

Find confidential and convenient support for anxiety with Online Group Counselling through your EFAP. For immediate assistance, contact us at 1.800.387.4765 or visit

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