Notice of Benefits Meeting

Over the last several months, the Acadia Group Benefits Committee, with the aid of Acadia’s Benefit Consultant, conducted a complete review of Acadia’s group health benefits.  As a result, the Committee is recommending some changes to Acadia’s Benefits Plan which they believe will constitute an overall improvement from the current Plan.  The proposed changes include adding dental coverage (for AUPAT and SEIU), enhancing health coverages for several different practitioners as well as for vision, and moving to a Tiered Formulary for Prescriptions Drugs, among some other smaller changes.

 To find out more information on the proposed changes you are invited to attend any of the campus information sessions listed below: 




Thursday, October 12


KC Irving Centre Auditorium

Thursday, October 12


KC Irving Centre Auditorium

Friday, October 13


Patterson Hall 206

Friday, October 13

11:30am – 12:30pm

Patterson Hall 206


These Information Sessions are scheduled in advance of online voting which will take place October 16-18.  

For addition information on the voting process please visit the following links:


If you have questions, please contact Kerry Deveau, Human Resources Manager, at 585-1148 or email: or your Group Benefits Employee Group Representative listed below.


Group Benefits Committee:

Chris Callbeck - Administration

John Christopher - AUPAT

Pam D’Entremont – SEIU

Kerry Deveau - Chair

James Grant – AUFA

Harish Kapoor – AUFA

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