Jennifer Veinot receives Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award

Human Resources Manager Jennifer Veinot is the epitome of skill, kindness and customer service, a consummate professional who makes current staff and faculty, potential employees and new hires feel comfortable and a key part of the team at Acadia.

Her career has been characterized by an unparalleled personal approach to human resource management that has shaped the foundation of Acadia’s success, and a big reason why Jennifer is this year’s Acadia Alumni Outstanding University Service Award recipient.

Handling a daunting caseload as part of a small Human Resources team, Jennifer deals with faculty and staff with aplomb, addressing an array of HR issues in a calm and competent manner. She is an outstanding ambassador, representing Acadia reasonably and well, with an attention to detail and a thoughtful approach that has earned accolades from colleagues across campus.

“Jennifer is always prepared and ready to make a favourable impression,” says Alumni Association President Donalda MacBeath (’75). “She is also quite often an initial point of contact for people interested in working at Acadia and treats everyone with respect, kindness and compassion. That’s incredibly influential and sets the table nicely from an employee perspective for the kind of positive experience we want our students to have when they arrive on campus. It’s also a feeling they will ultimately take with them upon graduation. Employees like Jennifer represent the face of Acadia University, and the Alumni Association is justifiably proud of her remarkable service and the value she brings to all aspects of her job.”

Strategic efforts associated with the University’s Acadia 2025 plan also include an institutional mandate to care for employees. Executive Director, Student Services, James Sanford (’87) says, “Jennifer demonstrates this caring attitude in her work every day.”

Director, Human Resources, Kerry Deveau concurs. “Everyone who deals with Jennifer – i.e., managers, employees, potential recruits – all say the same thing; Jennifer is amazing! She is always prepared and goes above and beyond in helping departments recruit for a position and making potential candidates feel comfortable and excited about working at Acadia. In her 17 years at Acadia, she has consistently displayed these qualities, and it is a privilege to work alongside her.”

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