Checklist for Hiring Research Assistants

Step 1: Check the HR website's "Payroll Schedules & Cutoff Dates" to determine the date of the cut off for the appropriate pay period. Be sure to choose the “Bi-weekly Salary Payroll Schedule”. 

Step 2: Once you know the date of the payroll cut off, please ensure the following paperwork is completed and arrives at Financial Services. Financial Services will authorize and forward the paperword to HR. You, as the grant holder are responsible to make sure all forms listed below are completed before students begin employment. If you are unsure if a RA is currently set up on payroll, please contact HR to confirm. Delays will result due to missing or incomplete paperwork. All required forms are located on the HR website:

Forms for the Hiring Supervisor to complete: 

Forms for the Employee to complete can be found here.