World Wide Travel Medical Insurance

If you have single or family health coverage with Acadia University you also have emergency out of province travel medical coverage, anywhere in the world, 24 hours of day against injury and sickness with SSQ Insurance*. Some covered expenses include: hospitalization, ambulance, nursing care, drugs & medicine, emergency dental treatment, and much more. To see more coverages and find out more information regarding our travel medical insurance please refer to the emergency medical travel insurance policy booklet

Keep in mind, this is travel medical insurance only and does not include things such as trip cancellation, lost or stolen luggage, etc. 

Before you travel, remember to print off a copy of our travel medical card to take with you. In the event of an emergency while travelling, immediately call: 1-866-783-9473 (toll free from U.S.A. & Canada) or 1-514-285-8195 (call collect from elsewhere in the world).

* Please note that in order to be eligible for World Wide Travel Medical with SSQ Insurance, you MUST have provincial health coverage with your home province.

If you have questions regarding your travel medical insurance you can call SSQ locally at 1-800-848-0158 for further assistance and to learn more about this insurance.